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Primary and Complementary Health Care

Naturopathic Medicine treats disease and restores health by using the best of modern diagnostics and natural therapies. 

Acute conditions like colds, the flu, sinus infections, and chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension can benefit from naturopathic care. 

We strongly promote prevention in healthcare and least invasive approaches to treatment including 

homeopathy, botanicals, nutritional counseling, mind-body medicine, hydrotherapy, physical medicine and pharmaceuticals when necessary.

Time of service fees for in-person consultations:

First Consult : $275

Follow-up Consult: $150

Time of service fees for virtual consultations:

First Consult : $125

Follow-up Consult: $85

Five Element Acupuncture

Classical 5 Element Acupuncture draws from the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine. 

Its reliance on the laws of nature and its ability to reach all levels of illness – body, mind and spirit – set it apart from other systems of medicine. 

The unique characteristics of all the 5 elements are within each human being. When healthy and in balance, we can utilize the energy of each 

element as appropriate.

Time of service fees:

First Consult for Acupuncture : $125

Follow-up Consult for Acupuncture: $90

A scheduled treatment plan series may be purchased at a discount.

Massage Therapy/Structural Integration/CranioSacral 

MAE #2707

Massage has been practiced by ancient cultures throughout the world. 

Today we're learning through work done by medical schools, hospitals and research institutes that this healing art can assist in treating numerous health conditions. 

Experience the benefits for yourself!

Time of Service fee


Treatment plan packages of 4 sequential sessions are available at a discount.


Aloha Natural Health carries a full line of natural supplements for detoxification, pain relief, 

acute conditions such as colds and flu, 

chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Our dispensary includes homeopathy, tinctures, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and

Chinese and western herbs and remedies.

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Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.